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A new addition to a wall in the New Orleans Saints facility might spark an idea for college programs

Facilities around college football seem to have it all from barber shops to arcade areas, and now they even include dedicated nap rooms at both Clemson and Oregon.

In most cases, college football facilities also like to showcase the players from the program that have made the leap to the NFL, but what about showing some love to area programs and where players came out of high school?

That's the thought behind a new addition in the facility of the New Orleans Saints, who took helmets from teams in the area and dedicated a wall to them.

Take a look.


While I really like this idea, it's also important to realize that it probably wouldn't work for every program. There simply aren't walls big enough to give love to area high school programs without leaving a program out, especially if you're a program like Texas, Florida, Miami, USC, Georgia, etc.

I especially like this idea for smaller college programs. Have your coaches reach out to schools that the program has been successfully recruiting for years (or wants to recruit better) and ask them for an old helmet they have laying around the equipment room, along with their decal. Then get a giant wall decal made of the state, and decorate it with the helmets that have been collected and be sure to put it in a place that can be on prominent display to recruits, their families, and your current players.

It's something relatively easy to do that will 1) further build relationships with area coaches, 2) show your appreciation for high school football in your area, and 3) provide something both visually appealing AND cost effective for the walls of your facility.

Below is the original tweet from the Saints.