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New allegations emerge against Maryland football and DJ Durkin

According to the Washington Post, new allegations have emerged against the Maryland football program, and head coach DJ Durkin.

With the investigation ongoing dating back six weeks now, the Washington Post notes that investigators have uncovered a number of tales of players falling into a deep depression, and among those stories is a mother who said she first reached out to the Maryland administration with concerns back in December of 2016.

In those allegations, a mother of a Terp player felt compelled to write a letter and hand-deliver it to the office of President Wallace D. Loh. She left the letter unsigned, and emailed it to others including the athletic director at the time, Kevin Anderson, as well as the compliance office and the administrators that oversee the training staff.

That letter including allegations that Durking was heading up "valorous suffering on the football athletes," and that he allows his coaches to "psychologically, physically, and emotionally abuse the athletes" which would give way to civil lawsuits against the school, football program, and staff.

During their pressers a number of weeks back, just after the allegations against Durkin and his staff surfaced, school officials noted that they were unaware any allegations of misconduct against Durkin or the football or strength staff until the media reports brought them to light.

The Post notes that a school spokesperson shared that the letter will be shared with the commission so that they can consider it was a part of their overall review of the football program.

The eight person committee overseeing the investigation into the allegations of bullying and abuse of Durkin and members of his football staff is expected to be finished as early as tomorrow

Head over to the Washington Post article for more, including comments from players and others that remain supportive in Durkin's corner, and some of the other allegations from players and parents.