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New Florida OL coach John Hevesy explains what he values, and why it has stayed the same for almost two decades

There are a lot of similarities between grading game film of your own guys, and watching the game film of potential recruits. Chances are you value the same things while watching each.

For new Florida offensive line coach John Hevesy, who was among Dan Mullen's first hires after leaving Mississippi State, those two things are executing their assignment, and playing with great effort.

Hevesy shared the following with 247, noting that he's valued the same things in his offensive line for nearly two decades.

"I’ve kind of done the same thing for the last, oh, 17 years?" he shared with 247. "To me, I always grade them on their job. Did they get their job done, yes or no? Did they have any kind of mental error, mistake, go the wrong way, stuff like that? To me they get a double-minus in the grading system. They get a S if they do their job."

"I grade effort. When that whistle blows are you on your block? So to me it’s... you might have had your block and sit there and watch the play? Minus! Because you never know when that block, whether it’s the back-side tackle on the speed option to the left, you sit there and watch. And there it goes down the field, your guy is chasing and makes the play?"

"That’s on you. You didn’t get your job done, the effort was lazy, so now you’re in all kinds of trouble."

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