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New helmet cooling technology

If you’ve ever been to a game at Death Valley in Baton Rouge, you know that “hot and humid” is an understatement. 

Fortunately for LSU football players, new helmet technology that circulates cool air has arrived. This week LSU shared a photo of this new modular device. 

LSU’s new technology intends to make the “Splash Guards” that are already in use, more effective and less problematic. The splash guard proved to have issues with fog, rain/water and heat. 

The device provides cooler air in the helmet, allowing players a slight relief from the Louisiana heat. A concern for players wearing protective barriers (masks, neck gaiters, face shields), especially in places where the heat is already stifling, is the threat of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other related health issues. Although this device will not eliminate COVID19, having a helmet feel cooler will allow the player's body temperatures to remain normal and make it possible to wear protective barriers for longer. 

This advancement by LSU is welcomed during a time when player health and safety is at the forefront. The implementation of this innovation shows the commitment of universities, coaches and training staff to make needed battlefield adjustments to keep players safe. 

This modular device is still being tested by LSU but it has the potential to stick around long after COVID19 is gone for the sake of player comfort. 

Tigeraire looks to commercially produce this device to be used for sports beyond football because it fits in various types of helmets. Tigeraire is a Louisiana based tech start up that LSU has licensed this new technology to. A patent for this technology was filed by LSU on August 21st.

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