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New Jersey football coaches association trashes Rutgers administration

Following the somehow unsurprising debacle of an attempted hiring that just didn't materialize, a lot of folks in New Jersey are upset.

The head of the New Jersey football coaches association has had it with Rutgers, taking to the mean streets of the internet to issue the following public statement which he expressly stated was "ON the record".

This is my statement as Commissioner of the NJFCA and it is ON the record.

I believe It is unfortunate and unacceptable that we have reached this point with regards to future of RU Football. We are a Big 10 football program with administrative leadership that is not operating commensurately.

How you can proceed this far into negotiations with Greg Schiano, obviously knowing there was a possibility that you would not capitulate to all the requirements he felt necessary to re-build and successfully run a Big 10 football program, without having a plan B & C demonstrates an alarming lack of competence on many levels.

We are weeks away from early signing day, with a frustrated fan base, a current roster of players contemplating transferring, future prospects losing confidence & prominent donors publicly announcing the termination of their future financial support.

The fact these events could not be forecasted by the RU administrative leadership makes it abundantly evident they unfortunately lack the depth, foresight and understanding that is required to lead a decision making processes of this magnitude.

At this point I believe the only option is for someone in a position of authority to ask Coach Schiano back to the negotiating table and complete the deal they initiated. There literally is no other choice as a result of their lack of effective planning. Hopefully someone in a position of leadership at RU will quickly come to this realization while the situation can still be rectified.

John Jacob
Wayne Hills Football
Offensive Coordinator
NJFCA Commissione

Oh boy. All I can say is Rutgers better wind up with Joe Moorhead or better or else this fanbase might literally start throwing trash.