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New lawsuit: Michigan State secretly filmed a future opponent's practice

Hopefully all of us know by now that a legal filing, typically referred to as a complaint (or more commonly as a lawsuit), is just one side of the story.

In this case, the story is a rather saucy one.

Former Michigan State staffer Curtis Blackwell who already has ongoing legal matters with his former employer has filed a new lawsuit in which he alleges, among other things that Michigan State recorded video of a future opponent's practice.

In the complaint Blackwell alleges: More specifically, Defendant Dantonio mandated that Plaintiff, as a condition of his employment on Defendant Dantonio's football staff, either engage in or be complicit in Defendant Dantonio's violations of:.... (c) the civil and / or criminal laws of another state by making (or directing his staff members to make and distribute) an audio or video recording of another person(s) (i.e. a competing football team's practices) without consent and with the intent to invade their privacy"

Blackwell, it appears, wants to get paid and isn't afraid of burning the whole thing down.

Stay tuned, this one appears far from done.

ESPN's Dan Murphy has now published more on the case here.