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New Oklahoma State OC Sean Gleeson is tired of the media's "transition" from Princeton questions

Back in late January, after Mike Yurhich left for a coordinator role on the Ohio State staff, Mike Gundy made the decision to hire Princeton offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson.

Gleeson's offense in the Ivy League was both exciting and explosive, averaging 47 points per game and ranking in the top ten in total offense, rushing offense, third-down percentage, and pass efficiency. Upon being hired to call the plays in Stillwater, Gleeson shared how there was plenty of overlap in the system he ran successfully at the FCS level, and the one Gundy and the Cowboys have had humming for over a decade with multiple different offensive coordinators steering the ship.

While Gundy hand-picked the former Ivy League coach among a wealth of great offensive minds to to fill the offensive coordinator role on his staff, Gleeson hasn't been immune from being asked about the transition from the FCS Ivy League ranks to calling plays at the Power Five level nearly every time he got in front of a microphone.

Frankly, it probably got to be pretty annoying relatively quickly. Yesterday, when asked about the "transition" again, Gleeson let his true feelings be known in the nicest possible manner.

"I'm kind of, to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of the 'transition' questions. It's time to coach football. That's what I was hired here for. I'm excited to get going here in training camp."

"There's a dry cleaner, and a grocery store, and there are the comforts of life all over America, and once I figure that stuff out - which I have already because I have a great wife who has got a good footing - it's not about me and Princeton or Oklahoma State, it's more about 'You were hired to do a job and to coach kids hard, and to score points,' and that's what we're going to do this fall."

"I appreciate the question, but I'm trying to move on from all the transition stuff," Gleeson said with a smile to wrap his answer up.

Translation: Want to know how he really feels about that? You're better off going to one of his first 50 media appearances when he was asked the same question...and every one since then.

Gleeson will get the opportunity to really put that transition talk to bed with their season opener on the road at Oregon State August 30th with a 10:30pm EST kickoff.

See his full answer below at about the 3:05 mark.