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Photos and videos showing off the new Vikings stadium reveal an impressive new NFL venue

Minnesota recently put the finishing touches on US Bank Stadium, and judging from thw tweets being shared, the new digs are both impressive and interactive.

Inside the stadium fans will have an area to do NFL Combine events like the shuttle and vertical jump (which they can compare with NFL Combine numbers from actual players), as well as catch passes. Fans can also get a number of Virtual Reality experiences, including using a virtual reality device to collide with a blocking pad that will measure their impact that can be compared to others, including family and other fans, according a piece from SI.

The finishes around the stadium will be equally as top notch, including a modern premium seating option, and some slick looking turf suites. Outside the stadium is a great outdoor space that allows fans to experience downtown Minneapolis.

The stadium also includes a tip of the cap to some of the best players and moments in franchise history, as well as native Minnesotans.

From top to bottom, there are a ton of reasons that fans are going to really enjoy the new stadium experience in Minnesota.

Below are a few pictures, and a video, being shared around social media.