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Giants' Garrett: 'We say good to see you, Coach'

With shades of Deion Sanders demanding he be addressed as 'Coach,' New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett had instructions for reporters after Garrett concluded his Thursday press conference.

In a week in which a giant, intrasquad brawl halted New York Giants practice and left rising star quarterback and franchise cornerstone Daniel Jones at the bottom of the pile, the franchise's offensive coordinator on Thursday seemed to have some off-the-field parameters for media.

As Jason Garrett, former decade-long head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, finished his in-person press conference with reporters, Garrett paused to grab a water bottle and then delivered parting instructions to the assembled fourth estate.

"Good to see you guys," Garrett said, before he doubled-down. "Good to see you guys."

Two reporters are heard to say, "Likewise," and "good to see you in person."

Garrett responded: "We say, 'Good to see you, Coach.' That's how we do it."

Prior to that exit, Garrett had touted Jones' leadership skills and the rugged approach of the former first-round pick from Duke.

"You never want to take the edge off a guy like that," Garrett said. "Daniel is this guy from Duke who really presents himself beautifully.

"But deep down, he's a really, really tough competitor. He loves ball. You can see the competitive juices flowing. His physical toughness, his mental toughness are outstanding."

Garrett did share that the word "fight" is central to the culture that the Giants, helmed by second-year head coach Joe Judge, want to build in the organization.

"The best players I've been around, the best teams I've been around, really the people I admire most in my life, are people who fight. We talk to the team about that a lot. And the way we talk about the word fight is fight to be the best at everything you do. Fight to live up to the highest standards. Fight to get the job done and fight for each other. ... That doesn't necessarily mean a physical fight on the field, but you want to have that spirit. And if you think about the people in your life you admire most, they fight, they compete, they battle, they try to do their best, regardless of what the circumstances are.

"We believe our quarterback is one of those guys."