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NFL Analyst and Pro Football HOF member: "Playing offensive line is as easy as anything"

On NFL Gameday just a bit ago, Hall of Fame wide receiver turned analyst Michael Irvin went off on camera about how easy it is to play offensive line..

I can't imagine that opinion is about to go over real well for him on social media, not to mention former offensive lineman that blocked for him during his career reaching out with opinions.

Here's what he had to say:

"I know you guys like to talk about offensive lineman being athletes and all that," Irvin opens by saying. "Playing offensive line is as easy as anything. You're 300 pounds and he's 300 pounds. Stay in front of him for three seconds, and you, one day, can make $300 million. So don't tell me about this being some athletic situation."

Irvin then gets out from behind the desk, walks in front of his colleagues, and does his best offensive line pass pro impression, saying that's all it takes to be a good offensive lineman. "It's not like being a wide receiver," he later adds.

Marshall Faulk's face the entire time Irvin is on his rant is priceless. Yes, I know, it's every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

As a part of the offensive line coaching fraternity, I fully understand how tight-knit the coaches of the front five (and six if we include tight ends) are, so the firestorm that ensues from those that have played, and coached, the position should be fun over the next day or so.

Here's the clip:

“Playing OL is as easy as anything... It’s not like playing WR” WR’s giving advice on blocking 🤨 @michaelirvin88@OLineWorld65@geoffschwartz Happy Sunday 🤦‍♂️

— R.E.P.S. (@LINEMEN_R_E_P_S) November 19, 2017