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NFL approves a number of new rules for 2017

The top item of business at the NFL owners' meetings is not nearly entertaining as yesterday's major agenda item but will impact the product we consume on Sundays much more.

New playing rules for 2017 approved today were:

- Banning "leapers" on field goal and extra point block attempts.

- Permanently implements the rule that disqualifies players who are penalized twice for certain types of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls.

- Permanently implements the rule that places the ball at the 25-yard line after touchbacks.

- Prohibits crackback blocks by backfield players in motion, even if he is within two yards of the tackle box when the ball is snapped.

- Replaces sideline monitors with hand-held tablets and centralizes the replay review process, with decisions being made at league headquarters. (As previously mentioned, look for this to become an avenue for product placement in the future.)

- Marks committing multiple fouls on the same down to manipulate the play clock as unsportsmanlike conduct.

- Makes action to conserve time prohibited after the 2-minute warning of each half.

There is also a report that the NFL has adopted the college-style targeting rule, but that was not mentioned in the NFL's release.