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Sources: In unexpected move, Baltimore Ravens' Parsons out as assistant to head coach

Dan Parsons has spent 12 years with the Ravens, the last 10 as assistant to the head coach

After a dozen years with the Baltimore Ravens organization, including the past decade with the formal title of Assistant to Head Coach John Harbaugh, Dan Parsons is moving on from his current position with the franchise, sources with direct knowledge told FootballScoop.

Parsons, who arrived in the franchise in 2010 and spent two years in an operations intern’s role before he ascended to the post as Harbaugh’s right-hand man is well liked within the organization and is considering accepting a different position within the organization.

Though the move only happened within the past week, sources told FootballScoop that Harbaugh and the Ravens already have tabbed a replacement for Parsons’ position.

Parsons was considered to be a crucial element in the day-to-day logistical operations and innerworkings on the football side of the Ravens’ organization.

Though he had a master’s degree in coaching education from Ohio University when he was added as an intern, Parson later added an additional master’s degree in sports management from Fairleigh Dickinson.

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Sunday evening update> The Ravens organization confirmed to FootballScoop that Parsons has moved out of his role as assistant to John Harbaugh and that they have selected the new person to fill the role. The organization plans to announce that hire once everything is finalized. The organization added that they and Parsons are considering other options for him within the organization.