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NFL Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship applications now open

Applications for the 2021 NFL Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship program are now open.

The Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship program exists to foster talent and provide exposure to diverse coaching talent. The program has been in existence for 30-plus years.

All 32 NFL clubs participate, but the particulars are up to each individual team. The NFL recommends -- but does not mandate -- that fellows join their clubs for the duration of training camp, that at least two fellows have an offensive background, and that the club commits to provide on-the-job training and constructive feedback to each fellow.

Hiring, assigned duties and the duration of the fellowship vary from team to team. Some fellowships last a few days, and others extend for an entire season.

Applicants are asked to specify their five most desired clubs and teams will reach out to applicants from there. The NFL opens the Bill Walsh Minority Fellowship program only to former NFL players or coaches with experience at the high school level or above.

Questions can be directed to

Applications are due June 15. The application itself can be found here.