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The NFL is considering allowing coaches to challenge all penalties

According to Pro Football Talk, a joint proposal from the Bills and Seahawks is being brought forward at next week's league meeting that would allow ALL penalties to be challenged by coaches.

That proposal means that everything from holding, to controversial pass interference calls could be challenged.

Imagine how that could impact NFL games come fall...Kind of fun isn't it?

“That is a significant change to our current replay rule and it is something that will be on the floor and will be debated and voted on next week,” NFL Competition Committee Chair Rich McKay shared with PFT.

This would constitute a major shake-up of the current replay system at the NFL level, and one that would have a direct affect on Roger Goodell's plan to speed up NFL games, that are currently coming in at over 3 hours long, complete with time for with 70 commercials.

One also has to wonder, would coaches be allowed the same number of challenges and thus be forced to be even more picky before dropping the red flag, or would they get a few extra chances to use it with the new proposed parameters.

Since we're all aware at how the NFL prefers to operate well within the confines of their own comfort zone, chances are this proposal gets shot down by owners and the idea fizzles out, but it does beg one to wonder about the possibility of an NFL season where bad calls have an opportunity to be corrected.

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