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NFL coordinator believes hitting 53 in this area is the key to winning games

Whether it's winning the turnover margin, having more explosive plays, or dominating the time of possession pretty much every staff has something in particular in mind when it comes to something on the stat sheet that correlates to winning games.

Brian Schottenheimer is entering his first season as the offensive coordinator under Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks, and has previous play calling experience in both college and the NFL with the Jets and Rams as well as one season at Georgia under Mark Richt. Schottenheimer has an interesting philosophy on magic number 53 and how it leads to wins.

This is from an article in the Seattle Times back in August that had some quotes resurface over the weekend about Schottenheimer's belief in the magic number 53. Over the course of his career, the veteran coach believes that hitting a total of 53 through any combination of pass completions and runs in a game is the biggest predictor of victory.

From the article:

“If you rushed the ball, say, 30 times and throw 23 completions, that was like the second determining factor of wins and losses after turnovers,’’ Schottenheimer said. “Some weeks, it’s going to be different and it’s going to be 33 completions and 20 rushing attempts. But we are always going to go in with the understanding that we should be able to run the ball, and believing and expecting we can do it at a high level.’’

The resurfacing of that Rule of 53 happened over the weekend as Ben Baldwin took a deep dive via a thread, complete with charts. The fifth point, where he improves upon the magic 53 at the bottom of the thread, is the best.

">May 24, 2019

">May 24, 2019

Head here to read the full Seattle Times piece.