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NFL distributes $274 million to each team

Here in college football, we're going nuts that the Big Ten has crossed the $50 million mark in its annual distribution to its fully vested members.

On Friday, we got yet another reminder that the NFL is on another planet. Professional football remains by far the most popular sport in America -- 40 of the 50 most-watched sports programs in 2018 were NFL games, including seven of the top seven, 10 of the top 13, 14 of the top 17, 20 of the top 24... and, well, you get the point. As such, professional football teams are by far the richest, at least in this country.

The Green Bay Packers revealed that the NFL shared $8.78 billion -- with a B -- in football-related revenue with its 32 teams, equating to $274.3 million per team.

The Packers are the NFL's only publicly-owned team, meaning the G-men have to share their financials with the public, thereby giving the rest of us into the entire league's financials.

That $274.3 million figure does not include team-specific revenue. The Packers, for instance, reported $477.9 million in total revenue for 2018.

The NFL salary cap was $177.2 million in 2018, meaning each team got a $97.1 million head start in funding the rest of the franchise. (The Packers reported $477.2 million in expenses, figures that include the team-financed Titletown USA real estate development.)

"For the long term, we are in a strong, stable financial position," said Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy. "It was a unique year. We did have some atypical expenses. I don't see any of these as long-term issues."

Keep all this in mind when the next lockout rolls around.

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