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You've never seen a facility tour quite like this one

NFL Films gave us a masterful view of the Dallas Cowboys training facility.

NFL Films has long been one of America's best film studios, full stop. Writing for, the film critic Matt Zoller Seitz once said NFL Films is "an outfit that could make even a tedius stalemate seem as momentous as the battle for the Alamo."

And they may have outdone themselves with this latest clip.

Opening Tuesday night's episode of Hard Knocks, NFL Films gave viewers a housefly's eye view of the Dallas Cowboys' palatial training facility, the Star. I say housefly because only one of those pests could have cruised through the Star the way we do in these three minutes.

What follows is a great view of the Star -- from the shopping center to the indoor field to the meeting rooms, the locker room, the weight room and then to the outdoor fields -- but really it's a marvel of drone technology. They fly that thing through car windows, through open doors, through squat racks without a hiccup.