Trick plays always have the potential to be really special.

Sometimes plays like “Philly Special” help bring home Super Bowl trophies to a rabid Philadelphia fan base. Other times plays, like the Statue of Liberty and Hook and Ladder from Boise State’s Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma help a small school burst onto the scene by knocking off a college football blueblood in a bowl game no one gave them a fighting chance in.

Of course, there’s the opposite end of the spectrum too, where attempts at trick plays work out like this.

Trick plays that can provide a much needed spark, or swing of momentum in your favor are something that coaches from the NFL to youth levels are always on the look out for.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy takes his pursuit of trick plays to a new level though. He and his Bears players keep an eye out for them, and then seek to keep them secret…going to extreme lengths at times to keep them from even his assistant coaches.

“We, like, name them crazy names so that even coaches within the building don’t know where they’re at,” Nagy said via the Chicago Sun Times. “We’ve even gone as far as whiting out the font. You know how, like, on the computer you can put all letters in white? We know it’s there, but it’s really not because it’s white. We do that, too. We do some crazy things. But it’s across the league.”

Why hide plays from your own staff? “Once one person knows, then two people know. I want nobody to know. I just want to know,” Nagy shared.

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