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An NFL head coach and an FBS head coach talk some ball at a wedding

The specifics have been lost to the sands of time, but the message is eternal.

It was 2009... ish. Somewhere around there. It was at a church, that much is certain, but which one exactly is hard to recall. Definitely a Catholic church and definitely in Dallas, but which Catholic church in Dallas is fuzzy.

But Steve Spavital definitely remembers the circumstances that led him to take the photo. "The priest tell us it's time to get our coats on and go down the aisle and those two are over there talking football," Spavital told me.

"Those two" at the time were low-level members of Kevin Sumlin's Houston staff. One was a graduate assistant, the other a quality control coach. They had time off from the grind to take the trip north up Interstate 45 to attend a wedding but, clearly, the grind came with them.

"Found this photo from my son's wedding," Spavital tweeted Friday. "Two GA's talking ball. Always find ways to improve your game. Left is now Head Coach of Arizona Cardinals and right is the Head Coach at Texas State. #Studs."

Aside from the photo quality, you can definitely tell this photo was taken in another era by looking at how long (relatively speaking) Kliff wore his hair and how baggy his shirt was. This was definitely before Kliff became Kliff.

For the record, this was Zac Spavital's wedding; Jake Spavital was not talking ball moments before his own wedding.

Or, at least if he was we don't have photographic evidence of it.