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An NFL head job might be unexpectedly coming open this year

The Cleveland Browns are loaded with talent on the field. Baker, OBJ, Jarvis, Chubb, Myles Garrett and more.

The potential is there, but the results have not come yet. Plays like this aren't helping:

It's one thing to hear Rex Ryan say Freddie Kitchens is in over his head (which Rex has repeatedly been saying of late); but it is different when you hear it from Peter King. On the Dan Patrick Show this morning King said there is real concern if Freddie can't turn this thing around, even evoking the rarely used "Ben McAdoo kind of year."

In his first season as a head coach at any level, Kitchens has made some unorthodox moves. (On Sunday, he instructed his punting unit to take a delay of game so he could send his offensive back on the field, on 4th and 16.) That in and of itself isn't the problem, but if his team isn't able to string together some wins soon, things could get away from him quickly.

The reality is the second half of the Browns' schedule is far softer than the first. The Browns get the winless Bengals twice and the winless Dolphins as well. Throw in a few games with 2-4 Pittsburgh, one with 2-6 Denver and one with 3-4-1 Arizona and the Freddie's squad has plenty of opportunities put some skins on the wall.

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The problem will be if they don't.

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