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NFL officially expands playoffs

In a move that surprised no one, NFL owners on Tuesday formally approved the expansion playoffs, beginning this upcoming season.

The move marks the first time the NFL has expanded its playoff bracket since the 1990 season, when the league moved from one Wild Card team per conference to two.

Moving forward, each conference will send three Wild Cards to the playoffs, and only the No. 1 seed in each conference will net a bye to the Divisional round.

The league will stage three Wild Card games on Saturday and three on Sunday -- thereby avoiding the College Football Playoff title game, played the following Monday. For the 2020 season, Wild Card weekend will be Jan. 9-10, 2021.

CBS will air one game and NBC the other; NBC's game will be simulcast on Spanish-language sister station Telemundo, and CBS's will simulcast on children's station Nickelodeon.

Both networks will pay in the neighborhood of $70 million to air their one additional playoff game.

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