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NFL owners voted to allow teams to challenge pass interference calls and no calls

NFL owners have voted overwhelmingly for an expanded role in instant replay reviews regarding pass interference calls and no-calls. Beginning with the 2019 season, coaches will be able to use their challenges on any missed penalties up until the last two minutes of each half.

Go ahead and call it "The Saints Rule" after the controversial no-call against the Rams in the NFC Championship game's final minutes that (in all likelihood) ended up preventing the Saints from advancing to the Super Bowl.

Not to rip open a wound still healing for a lot of Saints fans, but here's a solid look at the play that drove the change.

"I personally believe it was the fact that every club wanted to get, and the league wanted to get these plays right," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shared after the vote, according to USA Today.

"Replay is to get it right. And ultimately people compromised, I think, on long-held views because they want to get the system right. They want to get the play right."

In all honesty, this change makes a lot of sense, and for once, Goodell is right - replay is there to get it right.

NFL owners voted 31-1 in favor of the change, with Bengals owner Mike Brown being the sole vote against it.

Head here to read the full piece from USA Today from inside the competition committee meeting.