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NFL pulling out all the stops to limit virus spread

The NFL has seen one game postponed, and the league is pulling out all the stops to make sure that number remains at one.

A memo sent to all teams from NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills and executive VP of communications Jeff Miller detailed what the league is calling "supplemental intensive protocols" following outbreaks in Tennessee and Minnesota.

Those protocols include:

-- No in-person meetings, period.
-- No team or player gatherings outside the facility, period.
-- Two coronavirus tests per person, per day.
-- PPE and/or face masks must be worn by all personnel on the field, at all times, no exceptions.
-- All players must wear gloves when on the practice field, with an exception for the quarterback's throwing hand.

At present, these protocols apply only to teams experiencing or exposed to outbreaks, but the league definitely blasted this to the other 30 as a warning of what's in store for them in the event the virus sneaks inside their facilities as well.

"There is one simple rule to remember," the memo reads in bold type. "act as if every person you come in contact with has a COVID infection and take appropriate precautions."

If the NFL's memo is succeeds in convincing players to treat every person like they're COVID infected, those players can remain free to run into each other for three hours each Sunday.

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