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The NFL is preparing a formal proposal for a development league in 2017

Troy Vincent, the head of football operations for the NFL, shared with CBS Sports in an article this morning that the NFL is putting together a formal proposal for a developmental league.

A number of leagues claiming to be a minor league system of sorts for the NFL have popped up over the last few but tend to fizzle out and run out of money and support within a year or two. It has been more than a decade since the NFL has engaged in any serious discussions regarding a league they'd put their own stamp on and help operate. Support from general managers and former coaches like Tom Coughlin (who now also works in the league office) and John Madden has helped the proposal gain some steam recently.

As for the details, the proposed league would likely be played in the spring and would consist of players with three years or less of experience, although getting owners willing to support the venture financially has proven to be a hurdle.

Vincent has also consulted with IMG Academy in an effort to explore an academy of sorts, that would take place during the NFL season training players "not under contract who get workouts and jobs through the season that would run from final cuts until the end of November."

"We have some viable potential options that are ready to share with the Competition Committee, the Coaches Subcommittee and with some of our active and former players," Vincent explained to CBS. "Our goal is to create a platform that addresses the entire football community -- coaches, officials, front office personnel and players -- is essential to the long-term sustainability of our game."

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