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NFL running back Steven Jackson has a PSA: #SaveTheRunningBack


During his 11 seasons in the NFL with the Falcons and Rams, running back Steven Jackson took close to 3,000 hand offs, compiled over 11,000 yards, and scored 68 touchdowns. In seven of his nine seasons with the Rams, Jackson racked up 250 or more rushing attempts by himself.

The man was a beast in his prime, but now he's 31 years old, and while he's still productive, in the eyes of NFL franchises he's racked up some serious mileage.

The NFL landscape has changed a lot since the Rams drafted him out of Oregon State in 2004, and now Jackson finds himself on the market after the Falcons cut him this past off season. The days of running backs getting 250+ carries are dwindling in a hurry, and Jackson wants to do his part to #SaveTheRunningBacks.

"Growing up I wanted to be like Walter Payton," Jackson explains. "Not some of the downs, not half of the downs, but all of the downs."

"That's why I'm speaking out for running backs across the sport."

"The position that we all fell in love with - the every down back - is becoming an endangered species on the gridiron and we need your help to save it. So please, go to, or write your local franchise and ask them to play your best running back, all of the time."

This is pretty funny stuff.

(H/T Sporting News)