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NFL shares new COVID procedures for interviews

As COVID has brought new and unique challenges to nearly everyone's day to day life, NFL decision makers attempting to conduct a coaching search during a pandemic is a new mountain to climb.

Today, Tom Pelissero shared a memo from the NFL that went out to key NFL personnel, including general managers, team presidents and head coaches about new COVID-related procedures for interviewing for coaching (and key front office) positions.

At least for now, the NFL doesn't want clubs having any in-person interviews taking place.

The memo reads:

"For the 2020-2021 hiring period, prior to the conclusion of the 2020 regular season, all interviews of non-NFL club employees including but not limited to Head Coach, Coordinator, General Manager, or Assistant General Manager candidates, must be conducted virtually by video conference or telephone. No in-person interviews may be held with any candidate until the conclusion of the regular season."

Once in person interviews are able to take place, the NFL is requiring that all involved must wear masks and maintain six-feet of distance at all times. It is also being recommended to have multiple 30-minute meetings instead of the typical approach of two and three hour continuous meetings with candidates.

See the full memo below.

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