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NFL-style OTAs could come to college football this summer

Spring football has been wiped out for the vast majority of college football. (To those of you who started in February: Share your stock tips with the rest of us.) This, obviously, is detrimental to every program that didn't get their most or any of their 15 practices in, and has sparked conversation about how to claw back as much lost work as possible.

On Wednesday, two influential voices floated the idea of holding NFL-style OTAs over the late spring and summer to ramp up to the season.

Obviously, the idea is in its embryonic stage, and many -- no, all -- the details have yet to be worked out.

But one thought that seems to be a consensus is that teams need to get in work before fall camp, and simply tacking two weeks on before the beginning of training camp would probably create more harm than good. The season is a grind enough as it is, and adding another two weeks without a break -- without spring football or an organized summer conditioning -- would be asking for trouble from a player-health perspective.

Though everyone's doing their best to maintain the gains players made over winter conditioning, it will obviously take a significant amount of time to ramp players up into playing shape. The sooner they can get to that the better, obviously -- health permitting.

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