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NFL team signs quarterback and is allowing him to continue coaching high school football

Just a few weeks ago, Josh McCown was enjoying life as a retired NFL veteran quarterback in Charlotte, NC. After 17 seasons in the league with a number of NFL teams, McCown's retirement included a full-time coaching gig with Myers Park HS (NC).

McCown wasn't your typical retired NFL quarterback-turned-high-school-coach though. He was known to be out there lining the practice fields before the rest of the staff had arrived, he slept in the dorms during a recent team camp just like everyone else, and also fills up water bottles. In short, he does everything a veteran coach would expect a first-year assistant to do, and then some. It's also worth noting that two of the quarterbacks on the Myers Park roster are sons of McCown, and the roster has a number of kids of former NFL players on it.

With a solid career like McCown had, with 10 different NFL teams before announcing his retirement back in June, organizations came calling here and there with opportunities following two solid seasons with the Jets the past two seasons, but none were the right fit.

But then, the Eagles and Doug Pederson came calling following an injury to one of their backup quarterbacks.

According to, McCown was certainly open to a return, but he was looking for a few specific things - a contender with good organizational structure, strong and respected coaching staff, and a talented roster. He also wanted to be close to his family in Charlotte.

..and he also wanted to be able to keep coaching.

Solid quarterback play in the NFL is something that seems to be tougher and tougher to come by with each passing year, so if teams like the Eagles were serious about landing McCown, he could essentially name what he needed to have. That's exactly what he did, and Pederson and the Eagles organization decided to make some concessions to get him on board, marking McCown's 11th stop in the NFL.

So this fall, on Friday afternoons, McCown will fly back to Charlotte after the Eagles practice with the aim of making it back in time to continue to contribute as a member of the Myers Park coaching staff. Then, after the game, he'll return back to the Eagles.

His first game back in the saddle, with just three days of practice under his belt, this past weekend against the Ravens didn't get off to a great start. He fumbled his first snap, then threw three straight incomplete passes, followed up by a sack. But after that, he found his stride, going an impressive 17-for-21 for 192 yards while tossing two touchdowns in his debut with the Eagles.

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