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NFL teams have proposed a number of intriguing rule changes

Heading into the weekend, NFL Football Operations account shared a tweet highlighting some suggestions for rule changes that have come directly from NFL teams.

Among some of the more interesting suggestions:

In overtime, allow both teams the opportunity for at least possession, even if a touchdown is scored on the first possession.

Eliminate coin tosses in overtime and use the winner of the initial coin toss that started the game

Provide an alternative option to the onside kick allowing a team trailing an opportunity to maintain possession after a score

Make personal fouls reviewable by instant replay. (The Chieifs have a similar suggestion, adding that even fouls not called be included)

Scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul should be subject to automatic review by instant replay

All 4th down plays spotted short of the goal line or first down marker should be subject to automatic review

From a coaching perspective, a lot of those make sense. Especially the ones that have a direct impact on the outcome of a game that we've seen botched in one way or another over the years. These seem like some logical solutions, but the NFL has always seemed incredibly resistant to change, and the obsession with making game shorter for fans is always a really important factor being considered and adding more reviews wouldn't do any favors for that.

Here's a link to the video of the suggestions that the NFL Ops account shared.

As the video points out, the Competition Rules Committee will take a look at these and finalize any changes later this month.

Here's a link to a NFL update of all the proposals.