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NFL teams are putting their scouts on camera, and that's a good thing

The San Francisco 49ers have a new series where their scouts sit in front of the camera -- an odd place for them -- and tell their stories. Episode 2 looks at Steve Rubio, the Niners' Midwest area scout and the guy who found Mike McGlinchey at Notre Dame.

This one takes a different angle than a similar Patriots video looking at their scouts, but they're both very good videos on a number of fronts. First and foremost, anything that allows the guys who live in the shadows a moment in the sun is a good thing.

Second, this is the type of thing fans will eat up. If there's any corner of a pro football building that fans don't have an interest in -- particularly on the personnel and coaching sides -- I've yet to find it.

This video sparked an idea: why shouldn't a college program copy this?

How great would it be to talk to, say, an Ohio State recruiting staffer and have them tell the story of the first time they saw Nick Bosa's tape? Who wouldn't want to hear Clemson's coaches talk about the first time they saw Trevor Lawrence play?


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If there's one thing the Internet era has taught us, is that fans have an inexhaustible appetite for seeing how the sausage is made, especially in terms of Xs & Os and personnel. Feeding that hunger while at the same time giving some attention to guys who work night and day in anonymity -- that's something every program in the country would benefit from.