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NFL threatening to fine coaches for not wearing masks on sidelines

Week 1 in the NFL saw the debut of two new sideline fashion accessories: the face mask, and the chin strap.

We all know the latter. We've all been the latter at one point or another -- when the mask that's supposed to cover your nose and mouth instead protects those around you from your chin and your upper neck.

Despite the fact that not a single player or coach tested positive for the coronavirus in the latest round of testing ahead of Week 1, the NFL office took notice of the number of coaches and other sideline personnel who were not wearing their masks properly on Sunday, and they're prepared to hand down discipline in Week 2 and beyond.


The NFL's game day protocol allows coaches and medical staff to wear masks, gaiters or face shields -- or, presumably, all three at once -- and, moving forward, they'll have to actually wear them.