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An NFL veteran shares how a simple comment from a HS coach completely changed the trajectory of his life

Heading into Sunday's season finale against the Dolphins, Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams shared during an emotional team meeting that season finale would be his last game as a player.

After earning first-team All SEC honors, and being named a second team All American at LSU, Williams was drafted by Bills in the 5th round back in 2006, and he spent his entire NFL career in Buffalo. While with the franchise, he was named to five Pro Bowls, and has been widely regarded as the heartbeat of the Bills for years. The Bills certainly showed him how much he was appreciated earlier today.

Before the game, Williams shared a heck of a passionate pregame speech with his teammates...

His trek out to the field one final time was also pretty special, as his family met him at midfield.

As special as those two moments are, it's what Williams had to share after his final game donning a Bills uniform that has resonated the most.

At the podium one final time, he shared a story about a 20-second interaction with his high school defensive coordinator during his sophomore year in high school that he says literally changed the trajectory of his life. It was a simple 20-second interaction in a doorway of his high school that changed his attitude, vision, and who he was as a person, Williams explains in the clip.

Catch the full story in the video below.

"I shared story that story with the team and coaches last night, and I told them, 'You just never know what makes the difference.' And I can't wait to go home and tell them...and I've told them before, but it really changed the mindset and the vision of a 16-year old kid, and like I said, it changed the trajectory of my life."

Whether you're a head coach, coordinator, or assistant coach, this story is a great reminder to never lose sight of the impact that you can have on someones life.