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The NFL will allow coaches to use sideline replay during exhibition games in 2016


The day when coaches are allowed to watch sideline replays during games are just around the corner. The NFL currently limits use of tablets on the sidelines to viewing still shots; however, today the NFL voted to allow sideline replays during exhibition games in 2016. The league won't allow in game use this season; but the assumption is this is coming soon enough.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, the league decided to allow teams to use video on the sidelines during exhibition games, but they've decided to table further implementation until they can do some more research on the implementation and logistics of its use during the regular season.

The vast majority of coaches at all levels are proponents of using sideline video (even though it's not allowed yet at the college level), and many high schools have been utilizing sideline video to make adjustments the past several seasons. Our friends at Sky Coach provide what is generally considered the leading product at the high school level and many college programs are implementing or have implemented their system this Spring in preparation for being allowed to use video replay in the booth and in the locker room...and eventually on the sidelines.

Sideline video is coming folks. Teams and coaching staffs should be preparing now.