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Steelers to require non-vaccinated players to wear yellow wristbands

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't cloaking their players who don't have the COVID-19 vaccine in anonymity. Rather, they're making them wear special bracelets/wristbands.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are adopting a rather not-so-subtle form of identifying their vaccinated and non-vaccinated players as training camp unfolds.

It leaves little mystery to observers as well.

Per a report Sunday that said the team had announced the move, Pittsburg players who are non-vaccinated at training camp will be required to wear yellow wristbands or bracelets that denote the lack of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Steelers have publicly touted their overall vaccination rates and are reported to have seen between 85-90% of their roster accept the COVID-19 vaccination.

The NFL last week announced plans to fine unvaccinated players who break COVID-19 protocols. The league also asserted that teams who deal with coronavirus outbreaks among their unvaccinated players could be subject to forfeiture this season rather than simply non-contested games.

Pittsburgh opens its preseason schedule Aug. 5 against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL's annual Hall of Fame game. The Steelers' regular-season opener is Sept. 12 at Buffalo.