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Nice move by Mississippi State's marketing department


All the cool kids seem to texting, tweeting, ____ing with emojis these days.

Even the NBA players are doing it these days.

The problem (?) is, there just aren't many, if any, emoji keyboards these days featuring cowbells (clanga, clanga, won't stop). Well, no worries State fans, your marketing department is about to rectify that problem. Yes, soon enough State plans to unveil the "first college sports custom emoji keyboard".

The truth is several years back Mississippi State's marketing department decided to see the world differently and to embrace the issues that are their culture. Mississippi State is isolated. Memphis is nearly 3 hours away, Atlanta is just over 4 hours away, New Orleans is just over 4 hours away, Birmingham, AL is 2+ hours away, heck even Mississippi's own metropolis of Jackson is 2 hours away. The fact is, Starkville, is out in the middle of nowhere and the locals are now embracing that and have begun to brand everything Starkvegas. If Las Vegas is a desert oasis, Starkvegas is the cow-pasture oasis...and that's ok with them.

I love the play by Mississippi State. Embrace who you are. Revel in it. Be proud, and clanga on.

PS - If you are friends with State fans, prepare to have your texts overrun with cowbell emojis this Fall. #Clanga #Clanga #Clanga