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Nick Saban and Bob Stoops are sitting in a bar in Youngstown, OH and then...

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When you've been a college coach for as long as Nick Saban has, interesting stories from your times on the recruiting trail tend to stack up.

On ESPN today, Nick Saban was on a ride along and shared a story about one of his recruiting trips to Youngstown, Ohio as the defensive coordinator at Michigan State. Saban found himself sitting at a local bar called the Talk of the Town with Bob Stoops' uncle (who also happens to be named Bob) talking some X's and O's.

Unknown to Saban and Stoops, who were deeply engaged in some schematic defensive talk, at some point during that conversation a man with a shotgun came in and held up the bartender, and then walked out without an issue.

I'll let Saban tell the rest of the story so you can get the full effect.

(H/T Eleven Warriors)