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Nick Saban explains the recipe of events that causes a top-10 team to get beat

Nick Saban and Alabama have been the absolute model of consistency as a top-10 college football program.

A year ago, Saturday Down South pointed out that the Tide have faced 30 AP top 10 teams during Saban's time in Tuscaloosa and held a 23-7 edge in those contests. Add in the season opener against a top-five ranked Florida State squad this year and that mark improves to 24-7.

Regardless of Alabama's rank at the time, that type of run is incredibly impressive and Saban clearly knows how to keep his guys focused on match ups both big, and small. Last week, a total of four teams in the top 10 were upset (Clemson, Washington, Auburn, and Washington State), prompting many to ask themselves: Just how does that happen?

At his presser yesterday, Saban took a minute to explain what happens inside of a program when top-10 teams get beat, and his answer is quite enlightening.

With the playoffs just around the corner for a lot of high school teams, Saban's words should carry extra weight for a number of programs looking to continue playing for a few more weeks.