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Nick Saban explains why you should be using the term "capability gap" instead of "potential"

Nick Saban makes a compelling case for you to scrap the term "potential" from your vocabulary and to use "capability gap" instead.

Whether we're talking about coaches on staff, or players on our roster the term potential is one that gets a lot of use in both coaching and education.

However, Nick Saban recently shared a phrase, in an answer to a question last week, that might just take the place of the word "potential" for a lot of coaches and educators

During that media session last week, Saban provide an answer to a question and casually mentioned the term "capability gap." The phrase caught the ear of ESPN's Holly Rowe, who asked Saban to explain the phrase and what he means in using it instead of potential

"I think that we often times talk about what someone's potential is, but I think to put it in better terms that is understandable is the capability gap."

"The capability gap is what you're capable of, relative to what you are doing. People should be aware of that ."

"I think if you understood the truth about that, you can actually take information that can help you sort of close that gap, which is, hopefully, if you are a competitor and you want to do well in the world, that's something you should be interested in doing."

Sure, you can make the case that they mean the exact same thing, but what Saban's suggestion does is takes two words to paint a much clearer picture of what the phrase means.

Hear Saban's full answer in the clip.