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Nick Saban goes on his annual rant: "Why would it matter, whether we're playing Texas or playing somebody else?"

A reporter stated the obvious about No. 2 Alabama's game with ULM on Saturday and that really set Nick Saban off.

No. 2 Alabama hosts ULM on Saturday (4 p.m. ET, SEC Network) and, coming off the exhilarating win over Texas, it was prime time for him to go on his annual "The Process" rant.

And sure enough, a reporter put the ball on the tee, and Saban did his best Bryson DeChambeau impersonation and crushed the sucker about 450 yards. 

“Well, that’s your opinion on the quality of opponent. It's not mine,” Saban said, when asked about how he gauges offensive performance "when the quality of opponent can vary." According to's Michael Casagrande, the reporter who asked the question is new to the Tide beat. One can imagine the veterans started nudging each other as Saban began his wind up.

"Every player should not be focused on who they are playing against relative to the motivation, but every player should want to be the best player they can be," Saban said. "Why would it matter, whether we're playing Texas or playing somebody else? That's how you get good, that's how you develop the right habits. That's how you're consistent.

"That means when we play a team that is not as good as somebody else, you don't play as good?" Saban asked. "You let the opponent determine how you play? You let the score determine how you play? You determine where you're playing, that determines how you play? When you get evaluated, what does somebody think? 'Oh this guy is pretty good at home. I don't think we'll draft him.'

"What does what you're favored in a game mean when you're favored by 20 points and you lose?" Saban said. "Like two teams did this week? What does it mean? It means the people favoring you don't know what you're talking about, or the players playing got affected by that. Neither one of them are good."

MGM Sportsbook opened the Tide as a 48.5-point favorite, which means Alabama would have to lay an egg two and a half times the size that Texas A&M did to lose.

But the mere hint that Saturday's outcome is predetermined is sure to set Saban off, and it did. We'll see if anyone is brave and/or dumb enough to ask him a similar question before the Austin Peay game on Nov. 19.