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Nick Saban had the perfect response to Jimbo Fisher's "We're going to beat his ass" comment

Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher's relationship goes back to their time together at LSU From 2000-04, when Jimbo served as Nick's offensive coordinator. As Saban shares, Jimbo also served as one of his trusted partners in the noon basketball games that would be played among the staff in Baton Rouge as well.

The two have a great friendship and mutual respect for one another.

Since leaving LSU, Jimbo has gone on to serve as the head coach at Florida State (where he led the Seminoles to a national title in 2013) before taking a fully-guaranteed $75 million deal at Texas A&M to turn the Aggies around.

Heading into year four now, after narrowly missing out on the College Football Playoff last season with a 9-1 record, Jimbo is confident of the rebuild and direction of the program in College Station.

In fact, Fisher is so confident that he doesn't believe Saban needs to retire for the Aggies to dethrone the Crimson Tide as the kings of the SEC and college football. Earlier this week, when asked if it's going to take Saban stepping away before anyone else takes the top spot in college football, Fisher responded, "We're going to beat his ass."

Doubling down, Fisher added "Check back in 2026 or so, folks."

When Jimbo's comments about them beating him were brought to Saban's attention, he had the perfect response.

"In golf?" Saban asked with a smirk.

That got some laughter from the reporters in the room.

Saban went on to give the typical coach-speak about the respect he has for Jimbo and their program, but the story really lies in that comedic rebuttal.

See it for yourself in the clip below.