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Saban's explanation on the importance of being on time should be shared with your team and staff


After seeing this year-old quote from Nick Saban pop up on my Twitter timeline a few minutes ago, I couldn't help but wonder how it managed to stay on the down-low for so long. This is so spot on.

Whether you coach at the youth, high school, small college, FBS, or NFL level, you can appreciate and connect with this quote. It's definitely worthy of sharing with your team and staff.

Years down the road, after Nick Saban has retired with more accolades than a stock trophy case could ever dream of holding, and long after his name has faded from memory of the ridiculous 10-second rule, this quote is going to live forever and be posted in football facilities across the country.

I think that even Auburn and LSU fans can admire this nugget from Saban.