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Saban on Social? Coach doesn't rule it out

Alabama head coach Nick Saban reveals why he would get on social media - and his answer shows why he has no peers in the sport.

Almost every college football coach has a social media presence, be it Twitter or otherwise.

Lane Kiffin uses his to recruit, troll – and promote his Ole Miss football program relentlessly.

Mike Leach uses his account to talk about … well … Mike Leach things, which can be his Mississippi State Bulldogs' first day of preseason camp or table tennis.

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh has 1.9 million Twitter followers – though that's down a couple-hundred thousand since 2019.

Glaringly absent? Alabama head coach and college titan, Nick Saban.

His Crimson Tide program hasn't needed him on social media, either, based on its on-field results.

But Saban on Wednesday left open the door for his arrival on social media. Barely.

“If I thought it would enhance players' chances to improve their brand,” Saban said, “by something that I did, I would be all for it.

“If any of you out there can convince me that having a Twitter account is going to help us do a better job at either one of those things, then I might consider doing it. Otherwise, I don't know why I would consider doing it.”

Though Saban doesn't have a personal Twitter account, his program's @AlabamaFTBL Twitter account has 1 million followers.

And his players' brands likewise seem to be doing just fine, considering last month Saban revealed his quarterback Bryce Young has amassed nearly $1 million in Name, Image and Likeness marketing opportunities.

Still, Saban – a meticulous planner – isn't sure where he even would find the time for social media.

“It takes a lot of time,” he said. “You've got to respond to a lot of things.”