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Nick Saban provides the true story behind the viral video featuring him stranded on a boat with players

It didn't take long for the story to go viral after a few Alabama players shared video on social media of them stranded out in the middle of a lake with Nick Saban on his boat.

As a refresher, here are a few accounts from players on the experience.

In all honesty, the situation was one of the more fun college football related stories of the off season. Saban stuck on a boat while players take to social media to joke about it? Who doesn't love that.

At SEC Media Day, Saban shared the real story behind what happened that day, and - SPOILER ALERT - they didn't run out gas.

"Let me get the record straight here - we had a brand new boat. First time out in the boat, and the fuel pump didn't work. We didn't run out of gas."

"There has been some benefit of people thinking that we did run out of gas though. We've probably been sent about 100 gas cans."

There you go, if you need a gift idea for Saban, a gas can or fuel pump would both be appreciated.