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Nick Saban reportedly apologizes for post-game outburst

No. 1 Alabama rolled to a 51-14 blowout of Louisville on Saturday night, and immediately afterward Nick Saban, as is required, was interviewed by ESPN's Maria Taylor. It didn't go well.

In Saban's defense, the Crimson Tide ended the game poorly. Relatively speaking, of course. The offense did not score in the fourth quarter, and Louisville notched its second touchdown with 1:55 to play. Still, Saban's response was completely disproportionate to a fair, obvious question, and Taylor handled herself professionally. Chris Fowler defended Taylor while subtweeting Saban (as much as you'll see a rights holder subtweet the most powerful coach in college football).

On Sunday, Jim Miller tweeted that Saban called Taylor to apologize.

Miller, the author of best-selling oral histories on ESPN, Saturday Night Live and the CAA talent agency, taped a podcast series on Saban's rise to coaching greatness, so the sourcing on here, we can assume, is rock solid. Taylor, meanwhile, is on her way to Tallahassee to report on Monday night's Virginia Tech-Florida State game.

It is notable that the follow up on Saban's apology came from the Saban side and not Taylor or ESPN. On the flip side, Taylor reports on college football, and it's not her job description to run cleanup on Saban's public image.

Either way, this is an extremely minor controversy in the grand scheme of things, and I'd expect Saban to give Taylor a much warmer round of answers the next time their paths cross. Probably in the College Football Playoff.