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Nick Saban shares why talking about failure is one of his favorite team messages

From the outside, people look at the Alabama program as the standard in all of college football, and it so many ways it is precisely that.

However, every individual in that building has a story filled with both successes and failures.

Two of Saban's highest profile hires of the off season are great examples of that. Both Bill O'Brien and Doug Marrone are coming off tenures where they were fired as head coaches on the biggest stage that the game has to offer. Now they're in Tuscaloosa to move forward by learning from their past, and from perhaps the greatest coach to have ever done it..

Speaking of the greatest to have ever done it, while recently reflecting on the lessons that can be learned from coaching icon Vince Lombardi, Saban shared a few lessons he picked up from one of the game's legends, that ties into one of his favorite messages to his team.

"I don't think anybody can really be a great competitor if they don't have resiliency, if they don't have the ability to overcome adversity. I think some of the best opportunities that we all have to learn is really from our failings."

"One of the things that I always say is 'Don't ever waste a failing.'"

"That is kind of referring to the same thing that coach Lombardi refers to when he talks about when you get knocked down, it's not all bad sometimes, but can you get back up. I think that is something that is true in athletics but it's also very true in life."

The message is outstanding, and the insight he provides could also be seen as a great look at what he looks for in both coaches, and players.

See more of Saban's thoughts below.

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