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Nick Saban has a unique deal with Alabama when it comes to his house


Following Alabama's 2012 National Title victory over Notre Dame, the Crimson Tide Foundation decided to show their appreciation for the job that Nick Saban has done (and continues to do) in Tuscaloosa. points out that they did so by buying his four bedroom, four bathroom 8,759 square foot house, and then cutting him a pretty sweet deal - welcoming him to live at the house well beyond the time his coaching days on Alabama's sideline come to an end.'s article is a bit vague but it appears he can live in the how for life.

Saban, and his wife, Terry bought the house for a cool $2.875 million back in 2007, and the Crimson Tide Foundation shelled out $3.1 million for the house.

The Crimson Tide Foundation defines itself as a non-profit organization who uses donations to "support athletic excellence at the University of Alabama".

Okay...I suppose keeping Nick Saban around for life, and happy, certainly falls within those parameters.

While it's hardly uncommon for a University to provide housing for head coaches, buying the house from Saban and then him the green light to live there well beyond his coaching years is pretty unique. It just goes to show; do a good job, do things the right way, and people will go out of their way to show their appreciation.

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