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Nick Saban's wife had a punishment waiting for him at home after his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Not even Nick Saban is immune from disciplinary action at home.

Last week, in the Crimson Tide's match up against Duke, Alabama came away with an interception up 35-3. That led to a celebration close to the sideline where a staffer came out and briefly got in on the action. The official on the sideline caught the moment and promptly threw a flag, leading to a sideline warning for the Tide.

Saban, seen arguing in the clip below that the players were "just having fun," along with a few other choice words, then got an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

At a recent presser, Saban shared that his wife (the team knows her as Miss Terry), had a punishment waiting for him for that behavior.

Asked if he had to do any extra running for that 15-yard penalty, Saban shared at the 8:42 mark:

"Miss Terry made me run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. The leadership group had a meeting and they wanted to implement some disciplinary action, but it kind of got overruled."

"But I'm not proud of it. I really am not," Saban said before noting that he misunderstood what the officials were throwing the flag for, and didn't know a staff member celebrating was a part of that.

See Saban's response in the clip below, and if you're known to lose your cool on the sideline...I'd keep this clip away from your wife or significant other.