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NJCAA approves blanket eligibility wavier for 2020-2021

Yesterday the NJCAA met to work on the eligibility complications of this academic year. The Board of Regents voted to approve a "blanket wavier" for eligibility for any athlete for the 2020-2021 academic year, meaning this year will not "count" regardless of season (fall, winter, spring). The board took into consideration the unique challenges that this time has created.

The board plans to continue to be flexible and aware of challenges that athletes may face in the coming months and says that they will adjust for the 2021-2022 year as well, if needed.

For now, the wavier provides junior college athletes the opportunity to prepare for the next level while not worrying about eligibility issues. For these student athletes, having an extra year of development/competition while maintaining their year of eligibility will make them even more marketable to four year institutions.

This provides the option for them to stay at the NJCAA level if they do not have the opportunity they are looking for at the next level following this season of competition. This could prove key for these student athletes with the current uncertainty of a lot of four year institutions rosters/scholarship situations.

For the NJCAA programs themselves, this decision provides the opportunity to further develop some student-athletes that may just need another year physically/academically while gaining some experience.

Of the decision Troy Tucker, NJCAA Eligibility Committee Chair said, "The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has put collegiate sports in a very challenging situation. Today's decision by the Board of Regents to grant a blanket year of participation waiver provides our institutions and student-athletes with the ability to choose to participate this academic year without the fear of using a year of eligibility for a potentially shortened or interrupted season."

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