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No, Bob Stoops didn't leave OU to go coach the Chicago Bears

Before the ink was dry on Bob Stoops's retirement announcement, there were some people out there who just knew Stoops wasn't done and not only that -- they knew where he was going to coach again. He was waiting out an NFL job. Or Tennessee. Or Notre Dame -- as if a guy who had it made at Oklahoma would go take that job.

But because of his age (56) and the fact he only coached at Oklahoma, there will always be rumors -- or conjecture hoping to become a rumor -- on where Stoops will coach next.

First up? The Chicago Bears!

Stoops recently purchased a second second home in Chicago, which, naturally, means he's going to move permanently to Chicago and spend the entire fall staring menacingly at John Fox through some really high-powered binoculars, right? No.

Turns out he just liked the second home better and he's now going to sell the other one.

"That’s a simple deal," Stoops told the Tulsa Sports Animal. "I got one that fits our style and what we want to do with our family better, and I’m gonna sell the other one. I’m not looking to coach in Chicago."

Stoops said he wouldn't rule out coaching again in the future -- "You never know what can happen. That isn't in the plans, I'll tell you that much." -- but it's clear he hasn't thought further into the future than the next drive he'd hit in his golf round with Steve Spurrier.

That isn't a metaphor, by the way. Stoops literally conducted the interview while golfing with the HBC.