Will Muschamp is one of the few coaches left in college football that, when he’s asked the type of question on a topic he’s passionate about, you’re going to get no filter.

That happened earlier today when he was asked about the ESPN story from yesterday that cites disgruntled players and former staff members and paints DJ Durkin a few members of his staff in a less than favorable light, alleging mistreatment of players. Durkin was placed on administrative leave earlier today, and a few members of his staff have also been given the same directives.

Asked about those allegations and how it relates to him being a hard-nosed type coach, Muschamp shared, in part, the following.

“I think the big thing is that you need to criticize the performance and not the performer, and that is something that we talk about as a staff a lot.”

Then it got personal for Muschamp, as Durkin is a former assistant and good friend of his, and the media was in the crosshairs.

“You know what? I know DJ Durkin. He worked for me for four years at the University of Florida. He is an outstanding football coach, but he is also an outstanding husband and father and he treats people with respect.”

“There is no credibility in anonymous sources,” Muschamp goes on to share. “If that former staffer had any guts, why didn’t he put his name on that. I think that’s gutless.”

“In any business, and in any company, and in any football team – and especially right here in August – you can find a disgruntled player, that probably is not playing. So I think it’s a lack of journalistic integrity to print things with ‘anonymous sources.’ But I know DJ Durkin personally, and I know what kind of man he is, I know what kind of person he is, I talked to him this morning, and I don’t think it’s right.”

See the full response from Muschamp below.

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